Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekend blog: Badminton Social

No work on the weekend

Honoring the weekend being free, I think the blog on Saturday and Sunday should be free from constraint of the normal topics. Today, I'll share with you a nice story of a Hong Kong young entrepreneur.

The value of face to face social community, the fun stuff

Tonight I attended a badminton social organized by the parents of the Tutoring Center where my husband, Paul, works. During breaks, I met the owner of the Tutoring Center. He is a young man in his mid twenties. In the past few years, he was studying in the University of Polytechnics Hong Kong full time while running his own business past two years, the tutoring center. His center though small but business thrive and expanding. He just graduated with a major in Marketing. He hires extremely high quality teachers and I learned tonight some of the students live very far away from the center.

Hong Kong parents place high value in teacher quality, no surprise!

I asked one of the parent why travel so far. She said good teachers are important and worth the travel.

Seizing the moment to learn from our university Marketing graduate

I shared with this young business owner the DIY M.U. project and where we are in terms of content research, survey status, sponsorship status, etc.. He gets it quick probably with advantage of his business experience and design business involvement besides being a Marketing student. Later, it darns on me that I am looking at one of the perfect Marketing student that can help with understanding HK's education system's preparation for our future Marketing professional. He is thrilled to hear about Web Wednesday HK. He does not seem to involve much with the Multi Media Lab in the Polytechnics. I know the founder of an Australian mobile internet startup, Mostyle, who had worked in this Multi Media Lab a few years ago. I hope to meet up with these labs and learn more about their program.

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