Thursday, April 2, 2009

The True Promise of the Mobile Society

Alan Moore is a well known writer, thinker and public speaker. He also co-authored two best selling books in mobile marketing:
Communities Dominate Brands, and Social Media Marketing. In this 2008 Telecommunications interview, he offers his view on the true promise of the mobile society. Here's a transcript of this short interview.

His view offers an important balance in humanity as we become an every increasing digital and mobile society. The
true promise of the mobile society is really in understanding that if we were able to connect and share knowledge and information which allows people to conduct their lives which they previously are not able to (in a positive way).

The mobile society is as much an ecosystem and not just about technology.
We can achieve that if we can create things that can meet a fundalmental human need, whether it is in health improvement resulting from enhanced communication, or more transparent democracy or fun things which improve human relationships.

Some examples

In SE Asia, text mesages
empowers poor farmers
Mobile Revolution in Africa lifts poverty and save lives

Technology when it's really successful disappears
. It becomes a utility.

Moore uses the example of paper. No one today looks at paper as a technology anymore though it once was. A UN study points out that by laying IT infrastructure in the society, has brought benefits to the commercial success of the society more than anything else. We have to see it like a utility in a way like we turn on water and it just runs. We become very upset if it does not.
By limiting the flow of communication and information, it limits that society's growth.

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