Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free flow of communication and information lead to explosive creation

Yesterday I blogged about Alan Moore's view of free flow of communication and information brings benefit to the entire society. Victor Keegan, a technology columnist, from the Guardian has a piece today on the tug of wall between operators and content providers.

When operators recently started opening their walled gardens to content creators, it resulted in an explosion of creativity with the iPhone alone generating 25,000 applications. Think what would happen if the cost of making a telephone call anywhere in the world were next to nothing. It would set the scene for a fresh explosion of creativity across the globe - recession or no recession

The prospects for mobiles on the web could be hugely boosted if the forthcoming Ofcom auction of spectrum spawns ubiquitous super-fast access via Wi-Fi. That would boost the likes of Truphone and Google, and also Nokia - which must be planning for the day when operators lose their oligopolistic grip on the market.

Last week Skype overtook AT&T as the biggest provider of cross-border calls, according to TeleGeography.
But the next mobile giant to take note is Google. Google has 97% of mobile search market.

Talking Mobile

You can now have full skype features on iPhone
My Swiss friend happened to skype chat with me from his phone while in biz trip.
3 offers Asia wide data roaming flat rate @hkd 138 per day
My friend in Singapore says his 3 from Singapore is SGD 30/day, so about same price.
China Telecom signs up 10,000 in 4 days during free USB modem in 3G trial (CDMA-EVDO)
The freebie value by HK market: 3 in HK sells the USB HSDPA modem from hkd 780 - 980.
SamSung NC310 (HSDPA netbook) estimated HKD 5000 to hit HK in May
Compare to NC10, this one comes with 11 hr battery and HSDPA built in modem
I hope they give an option of English Windows. They lost my sale last week because NC10 in HK comes with only Chinese Windows.

Happenings in Hong Kong, a mobile soccer game

Hong Kong base Artificial Life Signs License Deal With German Soccer Team VfB Stuttgart
Yeah! A mobile soccer game!! This calls for celebration.

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