Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life in Web 2.0, MeetUp your local groups in Hong Kong

Ride the change but lead the way

It is always my opinion that we cannot resist change as it is human nature to continue the search of excellence, efficiency and satisfaction. Gone are the days we finish school, come home meet the kids outside our home to play outdoor before homework and dinner. Web 2.0 brings about online social networks where we meet new friends, join interest groups, network for jobs, promote our products and services to a global community, all from the comfort of our own home.

Learn a foreign language for FREE by using language exchange service

I have started doing language exchange with a Korean college student online using Skype last year. With Skype voice and Skype chat, and a little Hyundai mp3 recorder, we have been quite successful in teaching each other our respective mother tongue. Ok, I did watch *a lot* of Korean soap opera for 3 months and it helps! While looking for language exchange partners in Hong Kong, I stumbled upon a Cantonese-English Language Exchange organized using a service called MeetUp.

Global online social network to local face-to-face social network

While Facebook, MySpace, Twitter type social network services aims to facilitate social networking globally online, MeetUp has a very unique and welcomed design goal! It facilitates local groups that share common interests to 'meet up'. As Facebook like services allows friends who are far apart and stay connected, MeetUp allows strangers who are in our local neighbourhood to form small local communities to meet "face to face" and enjoy common interest.

Two funnies for your health

For a good laugh, MeetUp CEO would like to show you "Working at MeetUp vs. Working at Google"
The message board for MeetUp Cantonese-English group has an interesting language learning video. If you are a Cantonese speaker, you must be over 18 to watch this youtube video.

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